bananaplant 150x150 Enjoying Nymphoides aquatica, the Banana Plant!I do love the banana plant.  Nymphoides aquatica is an extremely easy plant to get going and I recommend it all the time to new aquarists because it is very tolerant and can handle low light.  Even with that though, I still love having them myself after all these years.

The reasons I enjoy them are many.  One of the reasons I like them is because they look like bananas! How cool is that?  I remember when I first saw them I was, like, no way. I came to find out that is where it holds it nutrients and life force if you will. They come in tiny size with little half inch bananas and they come triple that size like this big one in the picture.  No matter what size it it, it still looks very clearly like bananas.  A crowd pleaser for your tank for sure.

Another thing I like about them is how they root.  When you buy one of these, you can’t just take it home and jam it in the substrate because it will rot.  Some folks do and get away with it though.  You literally need to let it just float around your tank with the current and let it decide where it is going to put down roots.  Eventually it finds a place where it doesn’t move too much and it will put new roots down into the substrate.  Prepare for a moment of glee when you first see that.  When I really want one a certain place, I grab a piece of wood and fix it so the plant won’t move and it will put down roots with no risk of rot.

The banana plant looks like a lilly of sorts too so when it is getting some fert and light it grows these wide and satellite dish looking leaves that will eventually seek the water’s surface.  They cluster about 4 inches from the base most of the time.  Shrimp love to climb on top and other smaller fish enjoy taking shelter underneath.  Like I said, a real crowd pleaser.

You can find them as much as $5 each but I am accustomed to seeing them at $2 all the time now.  I really enjoy buying five at a time and letting them really punctuate a tank with their bright green color.  I hope you have as positive experience with Nymphoides aquatica as I do.

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