shangolight 150x150 New, Fancy, Low Tech Lights!‏Inspired by Cory’s recent post on low-tech lighting and some of what Tom Barr had to say during his recent talk at the GSAS, I chose to sell my Coralife Quad light and replace it with something very inexpensive.

After some mentoring by club member Erik Olson, I went to Wal-Mart and bought their 10.5in Chicken Brooder fixtures and a pair of 26w (100 watt equivalent) energy efficient 6900k spiral compact fluorescents. The price to purchase a Coralife light new is $124 new and I thought it was too loud and the bulbs were over $20 to replace but new set-up was $24 all included…and I WAY prefer it.shangolight2 150x150 New, Fancy, Low Tech Lights!‏

  1. It is absolutely silent!
  2. The light seems more crisp
  3. The light seems to cover the entire tank more effectively
  4. It uses less energy
  5. It doesn’t give off much heat.
  6. I like the science kit look to it.
  7. Replacement bulbs are only $2 each
  8. More effective watts per gallon.

..and it doesn’t make a sound!

I bought some black spray paint to match them to the tank but decided that I really like the silver and so am leaving them like that. The tank shown in the photo is a new N. multifasciatus tank that I am building.  Still waiting on the sexy shells. Also in the tank are Black Moscow Guppies, Cyprichromis leptosoma and very young albino algae eaters.

I hope this post inspires others to try a low-tech solution.  It certainly makes it less expensive to keep more tanks!

shangolightold 150x150 New, Fancy, Low Tech Lights!‏

Pic of the expensive lighting before the upgrade.

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