Amano 150x150 AGA Kicks Off Today!

Mr. Takashi Amano

Aquarists all over the world are titillated today as eyes turn to St. Petersburg, FL for the yearly Aquatic Gardeners Association big hoopla convention.  So much happens at these events.  As if the scheduled events weren’t enough, important personal introductions are being made, speakers for local clubs are being confirmed and aquatic inventions are being demo’d on the floor and in private hotel rooms.

I have been able to see 2 of the 5 speakers at this year’s convention in my own local club thanks to an incredible, warm and well-connected speakers booker in our club (Kathy Olson!).  The AGA convention is sure to delight the attendees.  You can see the full bios here.

Claus Christiansen from AquaDiscover, Denmark

Michael Kane, PhD, Assistant Chair & Professor, Environmental Horticulture Department, University of Florida

World renowned aquascaper, Ghazanfar Ghori, Virginia USA

jason AGA Kicks Off Today!

Jason Baliban

I wish I was there to hear Jason Baliban speak.  He is on my short list of speakers I’d like to see.  Jason placed 2nd in the Aquatic Gardener Association’s 2008 Aquascaping contest, and was the 3rd highest ranked U.S. aquascaper in ADA’s aquascaping contest the same year.

Finally, Karen Randall will bring her amazing eye for global aquascaping trends and new plants to the convention.  I saw her just a few months ago and her graciousness is only exceeded by her sheer breadth of knowledge.

As part of the convention festivities, Aquarium Design Group will be giving away an ADA Solar Mini S and the winner’s choice between a Mini S Mist Type R or Mini S Clear glass aquarium to go with it. Entrants into the giveaway are based on registration to the AGA convention for 2010 and an additional entry provided to those who follow Aquarium Design Group’s facebook page.  If you are there, enter however you can!

convestion3 AGA Kicks Off Today!Tune in tomorrow for a post about this year’s Iron Aquascaping competition!

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