wabi1 150x150 Pics of Wabi kusa at ADG GalleryA reader was kind enough to send us these close-up phone snaps of one of the Wabi-kusa in the ADG-US retail gallery.  The name Wabi-kusa is actually a trademark of ADA-Japan so technically this gallery has 4 of the 5 Wabi-kusa in the whole of the US.  However, the term Wabi-kusa is becoming used everywhere and interchangeably with paladarium so ADA isn’t the sole user of the term anymore.  It is becoming a colloquial term.  It is like the Kleenex brand.  We all ask for Kleenex no matter what the brand is.  I very rarely hear people ask for a tissue.

We have a big upcoming post on Wabi-kusa for the unfamiliar but for now think of it as a ball of substrate/soil, partially submerged, so the aquatic plants grow emersed.  Some have both emersed and submerged. There can be much subtle variety.  It is aquarium plants meets bonsai plant.

While the photos could be alot better, we are engaged to see a well grown in arrangement.  Getting a good look at the emersed plants coming out of the substrate is a nice bonus too.  I’ve been meeting and chatting with many folks about the Paladarium/Wabi-kusa movement in the States.  I find it pretty engaging and am excited to bring you more information as well gather it.

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wabi2 1024x764 Pics of Wabi kusa at ADG Gallerywabi3 1024x764 Pics of Wabi kusa at ADG Gallery