greengain1 150x150 Green Gain as First Aid for Aquatic PlantsI recently had the opportunity to test ADA’s “Green Gain” on a bruised and battered shipment of aquarium plants that came in from San Francisco. The plants were in beautiful condition when I purchased them but their shipping container collapsed in the cargo hold of the plane that carried them from the city by the bay to the emerald city, Seattle.  I was crushed.  So were the plants.  It seemed like $200 of rare Pogostemons and Limnophilas were about to become compost.  Green Gain, CO2 and good lighting to the rescue.

GreenGain 150x150 Green Gain as First Aid for Aquatic PlantsI clipped all the stressed leaf and root matter from the plants and carefully placed them in their new homes.  I dosed Green Gain according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  I squirted in a tiny bit extra of the magic juice for luck.  Green Gain is designed to help stressed plants recover from the effects of trimming and contains trace elements, minerals, amino acids and cytokinin.  Perhaps it would also help a plant recover from being squashed by a cargo hold full of suitcases?  Cytokinin is a plant hormone that promotes new cell division in a plant’s roots and shoots.   Cytokinin moves into the buds and root tips of a plant’s growing edge and is a key player in plant growth.   Cytokinin is my hero.

I found that my new plants from San Francisco transitioned surprisingly well to their new home.  The tiny and decorative Hydrocotyle tripartita that I brought home to Seattle seemed to have suffered the worse for wear; it had turned a sickly yellow and most of its leaves were shed.   It is amazing to look at now, less than a month later, growing bold and multiplying its roots and shoots by lengths and bounds.  This little Hydrocotyle is now glowing green and is a bright spot of vitality in the tank where it grows.  I feel like Green Gain was instrumental in helping this transition from a stressed plant to one that is growing to its perfection.

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GreenGain2 Green Gain as First Aid for Aquatic Plants