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  1. kat deVille
    August 10, 2012

    Oto cats came highly recommended for being head of the cleaning crew for my frog tank (ADFs). I first had Mopani wood in that tank, but it got really nasty-looking white slime, so I yanked it. Then I tried grapevine/grape wood and even through boiling it repeatedly, it still leached tannins, and it grew the white slime. That’s when someone suggested getting Otocinclus. I also found sources that said that the white slime is normal for using natural woods.

    I went out and bought two Oto cats. One died overnight (stress from being tossed around in shipping, then mistreated at the store), so I went to another store the next day and bought two more. Those guys were the happiest fish I’ve ever seen. They went nuts over the white slime and combing goodies off my Java ferns. I can’t believe how fat these guys get!

    Mine only school occasionally, but I don’t see any cause/effect situation. Sometimes I think they just like hanging out together sometimes. My frogs are so okay with the Otos that occasionally one of the Otos will slurp across one of the frogs and they rarely move when this happens.

    What the Otos don’t eat, the ghost shrimp will. I know, I know… lots of people use ghost shrimp as feeders, but I love the little things. As an extra measure, the tank also has two mystery snails. Everyone in the tank seems to get along well (except the two male ADFs sometimes will wrestle).

    I highly recommend Otocinclus cats for anyone who has ADFs or shrimp!

  2. angryvoid
    November 14, 2013

    Otocinclus are awesome… very peaceful dutiful fish… and they’re fun to watch.

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