redmoscow 150x150 Everyone Should Own Fancy GuppiesPossibly the most well-known and most under-estimated fish that is kept by aquarists, is the Fancy Guppy.  Fancy Guppies can vary in color, strain, and most of all, price – ranging from $1 to several hundred dollars each.  They can be kept by the novice, experimenting with their first tank, or the 20 year veteran that prefers the more rare breeds of guppy.  No matter your preference, there is likely a guppy that will fit your taste.

Guppies are relatively easy to care for.  Assuming you can keep other fish alive, they require little else to keep them thriving.  Hard water and places for babies to hide will increase your success when growing a colony.  A general rule used by guppy breeders is one adult guppy per gallon of water.  This gives them ample room and helps avoid the problems that come with overcrowding which should be avoided.  When too many are inhabiting a tank, water quality starts to degrade.  Often times this leads to fin rot and other longevity issues.  As the guppies run out of room, they’re forced to swim along the bottom and when their long fancy tail rubs against the bottom, it is likely to become infected with bacteria.  The good news is it’s not too hard to re-home guppies and it’s easy to move them to other tanks.  They get along with everything that won’t be aggressive with them.

It’s not unusual for someone to be able to acquire their first guppies for free as most people who are keeping guppies have several fry in their tanks.  The guppy used to be known as the million fish; they bred so prolifically that you’d see millions in the wild.  With little more than a few guppy fry, some java moss and a 5 gallon tank, you could have an aquatic masterpiece on your hands.
halfblack1 150x150 Everyone Should Own Fancy Guppies
As noted, guppies are not only for beginners. There are many clubs and websites dedicated to the guppy hobbyist.  Here you can find information on genetics, showing guppies, and general guppy news.  This is also a great way to connect with other people interested in guppies with whom you can share information and even trade.  Because many strains are compatible, there is never an end to the new exciting guppies breeders are creating.

Another bonus to guppies is that, when setup correctly, they breed easily!  A couple males and females and a place for babies to hide and you’ll soon have a tank-full.  This is good because every pet store sells guppies.  They’re one of the most sold fish of all time.  Even stores who “don’t buy fish” from their customers, can generally be swayed to do so once you’re producing quality stock in a high enough volume.  If you are breeding higher-end strains, you can help fund your hobby by selling on Aquabid or to local enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for a potentially inexpensive fish, that has minimal care requirements, a ton of personality and color, guppies are your certainly a top pick.  Many people who have been in the hobby for years still have a tank full of guppies. They bring a fun community tank to life.

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